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Secret Service: We Don’t Have Any Trump Tapes

12 Democrat Staffers ARRESTED and Charged with Voter Fraud!

U.S. sending Christians back to Iraq to face ‘slaughter’

Trump Supporters Plan Protest at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta to Decry Fake News

Rutgers to Host College Fair for Illegal Immigrants

Poll: Americans Unsatisfied With Political Media  (They Trust Trump more than they trust the media)

Trump gave the FBI new life after removing Comey, now it’s time to do the same at the IRS

Trump upends the global order

The Death of Higher Education (Liberals are to blame)

Portland Cancels a Family Parade After Antifa Thugs Promise Violence

HILARIOUS: Yale Students Hold *Symbolic* Hunger Strike — Where They’re Allowed To Eat

Cornell Students Charge Well-Known Professor With ‘Sexism’ To Retaliate For His Union Opposition

Why Are We Expected To Praise Kim Kardashian For Having Cellulite?

Caitlyn Jenner heads to White House for meetings: Report

END THE CORPORATE TAX!  by Kevin D. Williamson (National Review)

Tim Tebow kicks hot streak up a notch, sparks promotion talk

Young Cons: Bill Nye Show Floats Population Control As A Way To Combat Global Warming

IRS Agents Raid The Offices Of Posh-Living Televangelist Benny Hinn

Report:  Federal Grand Jury Issued Subpoenas in Hillary Clinton Email Case

Big Layoffs Coming to Financially Struggling ESPN

NBC Ignores Gun Defense in Home Invasion, Warns Viewers: ‘Don’t Fight Back’ 

Cornell Students Demand Illegals Receive Funding, Sanctuary

CNN Misleads on Illegal Immigrant Crime Rate While Highlighting Victim