News Now On The Block

Senator Boxer Confronted on Bilderberg Group by Mark Dice and Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change – I can’t believe I missed this video.  I believe it’s four years old – but shows that Senator Boxer seems to know something and is hiding it.  I love Mark Dice and his work.  Enjoy the show!

Bill Kristol Lets The Cat Out of the Bag: Paul Ryan Is Secretly Working Against Donald Trump

Maybe Lois Lerner Wasn’t The Biggest Culprit – Someone more powerful behind the targeting of Conservative Groups???

Washington Examiner: ICE Union Blames Speaker Ryan for ‘National Immigration Crisis’

Charlie Daniels Does It Again! His Spot-On Twitter Post Slamming Hillary Sets Social Media On Fire – This ‘ole man nails it again.  

Man Calls 911 to Complain About His Food Order – yes, we at RightWingIt will also link to “Stupid Human News”

CNN Ignoring Iran Ransom Story: Study – Only 27 seconds given to Obama giving $400 million to Iran

Trump on $400 million U.S. paid Iran: ‘We have been humiliated’ – totally amazing that nobody in the media is picking this up…

Trump Has 80 Million Reasons His Campaign Just Got Stronger

Peter Schweizer Smacks Down Mark Cuban — Again: ‘Read More and Pontificate Less’

Wikileaks says they have EMAIL EVIDENCE that Hillary sent weapons from Libya to Syria!

D.C. Police Officer Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Help ISIS

Satanist Leads Prayer at Pensacola Council Meeting  (Video from WND) – I’m not even going to comment on this.  This person leads a “song of prayer” (in my own words) to Satan before the council meeting.

TWITTER STOCK PLUNGES AS CONSERVATIVES PURGED (From WND) – After the election, RightWingIt will be looking for a new social media and exiting Twitter.  We will be encouraging others to do so as well.  Also – see this graph of Twitter’s stock, over the past year, taking a huge nose dive.

Video of Bernie Supporters Say They’re Voting for Trump

Campus carry takes effect in Texas

Pamela Geller: Slate Puts Mother of 5-Year-Old Rape Victim on Trial

Clinton Foundation Discloses $40 Million in Wall Street Donations