Helping Conservative Organizations in Social Media


This past Spring, we set out to gain 1,000 followers per week on Twitter. It was hard work, but we were successful. We used a political account that was active in the online community. We followed 1,300 people per week and in return – a thousand people weekly followed the account back. We targeted people that were extremely active on Twitter and for six consecutive weeks, we had six-thousand followers, or a thousand people per week.

We then tested this website’s twitter account – @RightWingIt – same thing happened. For one week, we were able to get a thousand conservative patriots to follow us back. We don’t know to many people out there that can actually get near this many followers in a seven day period. This was easier getting our brand of conservative news out.

The only problem to this is that it is very hard to get past Twitter’s 2,000 follower limit. However, once it is done, then it seems to get only easier in getting people to follow back. We have tried other accounts such as trying to get people to follow businesses – and it was found that there is no way a company can actually get that many people to follow in a very short time span. Politics is a different animal and it seems that everybody has an opinion and they are more apt to follow a political Twitter account than anything else.

We are now offering our services to conservative groups or activists who want to get their message out to fellow patriots. We can get you 1,000 followers per week for a reasonable fee. We know what to look for and who to follow in order to be successful. Let us know how many followers you would like overall and we can help you get to your goal. We also help conservatives in other avenues of social media such as Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube, LinkedIn and Web 2.0 properties.

If you have any questions or comments – see our contact page. We are all in this together and want to see you succeed!