The Cultural War Against Christians



Missing Plane
“Son of God” Comes in Second Over the Weekend

Russia and China in Agreement over Ukraine
Same-Sex Marriage Now Legally Recognized  in KY

American Flag T-Shirts Are Not Allowed to Be Worn in School According to Judge

California Faulted for Food Stamp Fraud Enforcement

Eighty Cases of Voter Fraud is Found in Iowa

Fifteen Year Old Shoots and Kill Man Who Was Trying to Kidnap Woman

Street Preacher Arrested in New Orleans for Spreading the Good News

Piers Morgan Had Plenty of Haters – And They Are Claiming Victory

FUNNY: Video of Cat Lets Owner She Wants In

Michael Sam – First Openly Gay Football Player – Not Great Performance at the Combo

Liberal Group “Battleground Texas” Admits Wrong Doing

Fifth Obamacare Navigator Fired After James O’Keefe Ambush

Bob Unleashes on the Jobs Being Loss Due to Obamacare – YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!

The Doctor of Common Sense Talks About Welfare People and Making Bad Decisions

Caught on Tape: Wendy Davis Supporters Making Fun of Greg Abbot

Welfare Mom Brags About Not Working

Conservatives Getting Attacked by the Obama Administration

Liberal Law Professor Before Congress: Obama Is The Danger

Texas May Investigate Voter Fraud That The Left Committed

McDonald’s Employee Fired After She Bought Firefighters Food

NSA Agent Arrested for Beating His Three Year Old to Death


O’Keefe Catches Battleground Texas Illegally Using Info of Newly Registered Voters

The Economy is now showing signs of Collapsing

Republicans Are Winning the PR Battle on Obamacare

LifeNews Tells Girl Scouts That They Will Keep Reporting the Link to Planned ParentHood

Right to Free Speech Includes Offensive Speech – Though, Some on the Left Would Disagree

It’s the Economy Stupid – Yep – There Are Still No Jobs

Poll: 71% of Obama Voters, Regret Voting for His Re-Election

and the RINO of the Week is…

See the New Video – Evolution vs. God

White History Month – MSNBC Keeps Up on Talking About Race

Gallup:  Illegal Immigration as Important as Border Security

University of Michigan – Conservatives Are Counted Out

Boston Paper Calls Knockout Game as “Sucker Punch” – Wants to be Politically Correct

Pelosi:  The Founding Fathers Would Totally Support Obamacare

The Hidden Obamacare Tax That Will Crush The Middle Class

Benghazi Timeline – Was Early Intelligence Politicized?

Thug Only Gets A Ten Year Sentence For Deadly Knockout Game

Buying Valentine’s Day Candy Bouquet Using an EBT Card

Is Hillary to Old to Run???

Inflation Rate at 8% According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)

George Magnus: The Next Economic Crisis Has Already Begun

Senate Dems Wants the IRS to Crack Down on Their Critics Before Election Day


- This is a Democratic Area – of course, the media didn’t pick up on this story.

Are We Being To Picky? Nope. The First Family’s Dogs Wearing Jewelry

The House GOP Complaining that Ted Cruz Killed Their Amnesty

Video of Muslims Wanting to Destroy U.S.

Judge Jeanine Pirro Attacks Benghazi Cover Up

The Speech That Got Breitbart Assassinated by [Fill in Blank of Who You Think]

Who Were the Worst U.S. Presidents?

Evolution vs. God – MUST SEE! Shows Professors and Students Stumbling Over Facts